TrScouts was established by 3 Bilkent University alumni in April 2015. Main mission of TrScouts is to improve scouting system and player quality in the leagues.

TrScouts was founded by a team following World football closely. TrScouts Team think that clubs cannot get return as much as they can do from their big expenses and investments.

There are 40 scouts who are currently working for TrScouts. These scouts have been passed from very tight elimination process and they were chosen carefully. TrScouts announced four application period for hiring scouts until today and above 1200 applications were received in these periods.


Our Working Strategy

We have Chief Scouts being responsible from the regions that are Scandinavia, Africa, South America, The Balkans, Center Europe, East Europe and South Europe. 1 scout is responsible for each countries in this region under the chief scouts. All scouts are watching football matches from their countries then we add  some of the players who are appreciated in these matches to our database. Afterwards, we analyze databased players and prepare reports of the players which are the most suitable for Turkish Super League or another leagues (if our client clubs play in another league).

We are finding suitable players for the teams to contribute positively in a long term or short term (this criteria depends on our client club’s wishes)

In this direction, TrScouts have an InStat Scouting software account and we improved our analysis and reports. TrScouts team watched above 60 full matches in a week and above 200 full matches in a month thanks to InStat Scouting. Our team analyze and report players for their competencies, point of view and match analyze.

TrScouts scouts speak lots of different languages natively. As a result of this, our team can follow local press and local comments of the players who are added to TrScouts database. Thanks to this, our scouts have an idea about players’ sociocultural situation and we can comment about players’ sociocultural adaption to the different countries.

In addition, you can follow us in social media and become aware of our works.


TrScouts Team